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The Impact of Worldcom’s Global Network on our Agency

How the team and leadership at Janev & Janev’s have experienced business and professional growth after becoming partners of this global PR network

The importance of global connectivity


The benefits of being a part of a real global PR network and partnerships are numerous. From knowledge transfer to real business opportunities. But what is it really like for a rather small independent agency from eastern Europe, which has also gone through a generation change in its leadership to be part of a global network?

Back in 2007 Janev & Janev joined Worldcom Public Relations Group and Bulgaria joined the European Union. At the begining it was very much about knowledge sharing and transitioning to the west with the advantages of its cultures, order and approaches. We have been working for tremendous western clients since the early 90s, but this was a big change for the whole country. The first glimpse of real change.

Hopes were high that EU projects will become available – in fact, it did turn this way with the help of the network. Heavy and bureaucratic projects came in, which generated a whole new level of experience, expertise and resources within the company. Undoubtedly, this membership helped to strengthen the company and I kept on hearing about the interesting experiences from the AGMs and regional meetings that the leadership had.

In 2015 I was lucky to have the chance to go to the AGM in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Despite being a new face, I was welcomed warmly and listened carefully to what was discussed. I quickly realized that the key element of being part of this network is understanding thoroughly what is going on around the world and why, as well as what the tendencies of the day are. As globalized as we are one can clearly see the importance and the beneficial input of local knowledge through a global partnership.

Much has happened since Rio. We hosted a regional meeting in Sofia, back in 2016, visited all other conferences, I was invited to the board and organized two professional seminars for the Worldcom young professionals, discussed and participated in key business development decisions, became Chair of the EMEA board and participated in and executed hard decisions during the time of the global pandemic. For me Worldcom has become something like a very close family where there is a bond of trust and unquestionable support when needed.

With almost 100 partners from 6 continents Worldcom is growing through these uncertain times and more and more agencies are joining. This provides confidence and trust in a lively organization, even without the regular personal meetings that faced difficulties due to the lockdowns. On the other hand, virtual meetings have made us think and consider differently – some will say an upside down 360 degrees turnaround of our perceptions, understanding and views. I see a great level of engagement and support among partners – a truly structured and modern approach to challenges and opportunities within the organization.

A great example is the unique Worldcom Confidence Index which is based on artificial intelligence and tracts over 55 000 CEOs around the world provides a thought-provoking insight for how businesses are developing and regions are changing. For just over a year, we are now covering over 30 different markets, while we continue to grow rapidly. We are utterly excited to see how this AI will develop and grow as this is just the beginning and potentially, we will be able to predict even better what’s to come.

For us at Janev & Janev our journey in the world of communications couldn’t be the same without WorldCom. Its members provide a true global perspective not only on industry trades but also in terms of global dynamics. Worldcom makes us stronger, more aware of what the next opportunities are as soon as they occur and helps us provide the best services to our clients by gaining insight from trustworthy partners.