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Successful projects

Coordination and communication support of the activities to create the "Distilled in Bulgaria" Association

For two years, the team of Janev and Janev actively participated in the consolidation activities of essential oil producers, intending to create an association under the name “Distilled in Bulgaria” to represent the sector and protect its interests. The work process involved consistent communication with all companies – relevant members, organizing round tables and informal meetings to identify the key topics and main directions on which to work.

The team also implemented a targeted communication campaign to promote the industry’s efforts and current challenges.

On June 16, 2022, the Association “Distilled in Bulgaria” was officially established, and the association’s governing bodies were elected. At this stage, 11 leading distilleries from all over the country joined the association. The processing capacities of the members exceed 55% of all capacities in the country.

*The sector of essential oil crops is traditional for Bulgaria and its growth in recent years places it in a leading position as an export sector. Distilleries are the place that gathers all market participants -from producers to processors to traders. For this reason, the industry needs to have a unified voice and position on developing this sector. Among the association’s various activities is active R&D for new seeds and oils, which is key for the protection and development of this market.